What makes us different comparing to other communication agencies

Consulting. Concept development. Text. Design.

Modern Storytelling

Our promise to you is that you will be noticed in the jungle of competition and that your company will increase its visibility. With more than 20 years of experience we will analyze your company profile and will give you guidance on how to become unique. Together we will develop your individual communication strategy and shape the relevant content with the target of improved customer loyalty or winning new customers:

Newsletters, press releases, editorials, sales bulletins, advertising texts, SEO content, Social media content for print and/or online, for human beings or machines –  also in a fancy layout if desired. On the basis of holistic communication thinking we will develop instruments for marketing, PR and events with the aim that your target group envisions you and your brand becomes visible.

We create with passion and we burn for meaningful content and significant missions. We are characterized by our structured and analytical course of action, our creative potential and our target oriented project work. Our lean structure allows us to be very flexible, show great love for detail and have means of an unstrained and vital view.


Educational Marketing – Marketing and PR for educational establishment

Education as a trust property

Educational PR and educational marketing for companies and non-profit-organizations are a main pillar of our work. The educational landscape is constantly changing because of social change and digitalization and becomes more complex and more diversified. Consequently the significance of educational PR and educational Marketing is constantly increasing.

We ensure that your organization is on top of mind of your target group, parents, students, pupils or adults. We develop relevant content and communicate across the different communication channels (classical or modern) and make sure that your name or your brand is well known.

We transport your profile, your story, your news and your mission in an authentic way to your audience.

We are familiar with the educational landscape in the area of infantile, scholar and higher education. In the subjects of education, study and lifetime learning we have the proper know-how and understanding of the media that serves your target groups. With this background we shape your profile and communicate relevant content for your organization. We ensure to make all the difference and support you in profiling and positioning of your organization or your offered service.

Our offer is targeting all institutions and service providers that are involved in the topic of education. E.g: private and public, national and international, profit and non-profit organizations; day nursery, daycare facilities for children, kindergartens, schools, private schools, boarding schools and colleges, welfare institutions. We deliver messages on the one hand to children, adolescents, parents, families and teachers but as well to representatives of companies, science, lobbyists or of the educational establishment.


Consultancy and Conception

Emapthy for the customer plus professionalism

Strategical thinking starts with three simple thoughts: “How do we want to be ? How do others see us ? This is where we want to be.”   We support you in clearly defining your added value and your profile in order to be “seen” by your target group. Together, we develop new concepts for your marketing-, PR- and advertising strategy. During a proactive exchange with you we will uncover relevant content for clear messages and will implement those in communication activities. As a matter of course we will abstain from idea recycling and instead will create new wording and new pictures. These new messages will be part of your new overall target oriented content marketing.


Public Relations Management

Reliable Relationship Management

Part of an holistic approach of cultural and educational PR is not only the professional representation but also the communication to the relevant public media. We will identify the most meaningful, appreciable and actual topics out of your organizations story that will interest and move your target group. Together we will identify the target groups and know exactly when and with which media we can meet them emotionally or content oriented. We have a very good understanding on how journalists think and what moves them. We are well connected with the media in the areas of culture, literature and education and have an expertise in understanding the relevant channels of print and online media, TV, radio and social media. We will identify the best communication strategy for your organization.


Text & Design

We have a very vital sense for language and layout design.

With our journalistic talent and the proper instinct for topics and trends we will develop messages, stories, press releases, image texts, advertisements, white papers and SEOs with content and impact. We will ensure that your message reaches target group in a way that they will understand the meaning and will be interested. Your text message will be accompanied by pictures, forms and colors and we will make use of design to sharpen the communication and to make it lively. We emphasize the ingenious layout and are versed in adopting corporate design solutions, print products and web-design.


Online Marketing & Social Media

Our focus: well directed presence in the online-jungle

Online-PR or online-marketing as we understand it includes the communication in the internet as well as in social media networks: Portals, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more. We support you in building up your brand awareness in digital media and in getting into an online dialogue with your target group. Generally we write rather for people than for machines, but we understand the underlying principles of SEOs, linking, hashtag and keyword usage in order to achieve communication targets.


Sponsoring, Cooperation and Fundraising

Together we are strong

Budgets for Marketing and PR are always short. A sound win-win strategy is often the best way to be engaged and to mobilize possible partners.  We support you on the entire journey of sponsoring, cooperative marketing and fundraising. Starting with identifying the right partners, negotiating, definition of targets, development of activities up to the operative project management, documentation and checking the success, we will support you throughout the whole process. We have a strong network with businesses, industry and distribution, institutions and service providers and can ensure the best basis for using these contacts for your campaigns. As part of the project management we will analyze the cooperation potentials of products and companies; we will develop the concepts of possible cooprerations and will help your company open new ways for marketing and sales.


Events, Conventions & Fairs

Lively touchpoints with your target group

No matter if on an emotional or factual basis – we create rooms for you to have sustainable contact to your customers or employees. Starting with developing the idea of an event and finding the best location up to the acquisition of speakers and negotiating fees as well as planning the event and ensure the targeted execution – we will support you throughout the entire event process. Together with our well experienced team of service providers we can organize events for up to 500 participants in the Munich area. We have a specific expertise in events with the topics of “Future, Learning and Education” and have organized for example “future conventions” for educational organizations and institutions.

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